5 Key Takeaways from Spryker EXCITE 2023

Spryker EXCITE 2023, the annual flagship event of Spryker Systems, was an immersive experience that brought together industry leaders, innovators, and experts from around the globe.
This gathering, held on 14th September in Berlin, was more than just an event; it was a platform where ideas came together, visions were shared, and the future of digital commerce was unveiled. Here, we delve into the 5 key takeaways from this remarkable event, highlighting groundbreaking insights and visionary perspectives.

#1 Vision for AI-fficient Digital Commerce

EXCITE 2023 kicked off with a keynote presented by Boris Lokschin, Spryker's CEO and Co-Founder.
Titled ‘The Rise of AI-fficient Commerce’ it set the tone for the day ahead.

He articulated the company's mission: "Power the world's sophisticated transactions", and unveiled a strategic focus on several rapidly growing industries, including industrial goods, CPG, automotive, wholesale, and manufacturing. His introduction also included an overview of new transactional models, such as subscriptions, maintenance, and auctions, all of which Spryker can provide.  

The keynote continued by highlighting 2023’s focus on business efficiency, offering examples of leading companies that had prioritized cutting costs, saving time, and streamlining operations over past objectives of business growth. Boris then laid out how Spryker can help companies reach their efficiency goals, through the platform’s products, services, and objective-driven solutions such as use cases.

Finally, the presentation focused on how AI can help reach these efficiency goals, specifically through employee use of generative AI. He ended by highlighting Spryker’s approach to AI inclusion, laying out key ground rules to ensure such powerful technology is used effectively.

AI magnifies efficiency but can also do the opposite. This is why you need to clean up first, rethink your processes to do the work differently and invest in training

#2 Global Expansion and Reach

Spryker's growth expanded significantly in 2023, welcoming global leaders such as Nestlé, Volta Trucks, and Schneider Electric. Each new customer stands as a testament not only to the opportunities (and challenges) sophisticated commerce presents but also to the endless possibilities available to optimize contemporary digital commerce.

Spryker’s geographical footprint also significantly expanded to incorporate businesses in Sweden, Norway, Canada, South Africa, Australia, Vietnam, and Turkey.

This substantial presence across diverse regions firmly establishes Spryker as a truly global force in the digital commerce arena, with the ability to support diverse businesses worldwide.

By expanding around the globe, we're now giving customers in new regions the ability to unlock their full potential. We're not just adapting; we're shaping the future, empowering businesses worldwide.

#3 New Products and Efficiency

Elena Leonova, Spryker's SVP of Product, took the stage to reiterate Spryker’s concept of “composing outcomes beyond technology”, a mantra that has become a guiding principle for the digital commerce platform.

She went on to introduce Spryker’s dedication to driving business efficiency, a crucial aspect of modern business, and showcased the platform’s various new features and products that contribute to this goal.

Among them was Spryker’s Dynamic Multi-store, which streamlines operations by enabling business users to launch new stores without developer assistance. Spryker’s new Oryx Framework was also highlighted, a composable and configurable framework creating an extensible and upgradable foundation for composable frontends.

Lastly, Spryker Middleware Powered by Alumio was introduced, a next-gen middleware that reduces integration efforts by 90%. 

All of these announcements underscore Spryker’s aim to increase business efficiency, saving their customers time, money, and tech resources.

This emphasis reiterates Spryker's commitment to efficiently empowering businesses in the current day, as well as in the future.

Efficiency isn't just a component; it's the backbone of modern business. We've embraced the concept of 'composing outcomes beyond technology,' and with the emergence of the Intelligent Composition Platform, we've rewritten the rules.

#4 Digital Growth Secrets

Anthony Soohoo, the newest addition to Spryker's board, delivered an enlightening session on achieving digital growth.
He emphasized that the path to success in the digital landscape often involves navigating curves and turns.

Anthony introduced the concept of "Ikigai", a Japanese term representing a clear sense of purpose and value creation for customers.
Drawing inspiration from industry giants like Walmart, Google, and Tesla, he illustrated the power of a singular and driving purpose.
He stressed the importance of differentiation, warning against imitating competitors, and encouraged businesses to offer unique value. Anthony also highlighted the role of frugality and innovation, showcasing examples from SpaceX and Toyota.

His insights resonated deeply, emphasizing the importance of a clear direction, innovative thinking, and purpose-driven solutions in achieving digital growth.

In the digital realm, clarity of purpose, innovative vision, and purpose-driven solutions are the keys to achieving growth.

#5 Digital Commerce Decoded

In a thought-provoking joint presentation, Sirko Schneppe (CCO diva-e) and Stefanie Hegener (SMA Head of Global E-Commerce & Digital Services) dove into the intricacies of digital commerce.
They emphasized that success in this realm hinges on more than just technology; it's about people and organizational factors too.
Technology integration, creating a holistic customer experience, and establishing an efficient operating model emerged as critical elements for thriving in the digital commerce landscape.
Their discourse illuminated the multifaceted nature of digital commerce, providing valuable insights for businesses striving to succeed in this dynamic arena.

In the world of digital commerce, it's not just about tech—it's about people and organization too. It's a symphony of technology integration, crafting a seamless customer experience, and building an efficient operational mode that allows you to thrive.

What happens at EXCITE, stays at EXCITE!

Can you tell that we had a blast mingling with our customers, partners, speakers, and everyone else who joined in the fun?
Our awesome speakers made us laugh, reflect, and dive deep into thoughts about the future of digital commerce and how we want to keep doing business as people first and foremost.
And, of course, who could forget that epic after-party...

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