Your Aftermarket Race Begins At The Sale

Exploit the digital advantage in automotive aftersales to grow revenue, optimize costs, and delight customers with Spryker’s digital commerce solutions.
Within the next two decades, digital services could generate as much as US$ 3.5 trillion in additional revenue for the automotive industry globally. – According to research from 2023

Automotive aftermarket products and services represent billions of unlocked revenue and cost savings for automotive companies.

Looking to tap into potential revenue streams, many OEMs, component manufacturers, and dealers have created siloed go-to-market channels without E2E customer experiences. In addition, a lack of digitalization has led to missing automation and process inefficiencies, all of which has resulted in a growing cost-to-service and poor customer experience over time.

To access these growth areas, automotive companies can improve break-fix support, expand service offerings, and orchestrate a connected aftersales ecosystem.

For this, many automotive and manufacturing customers such as Jungheinrich, Siemens, and ZF trust Spryker as the customer-centric single source of truth to connect internal and external touch points along the customer journey into a holistic experience.

As the leading consultancy company in automotive and manufacturing, MHP is partnering with Spryker to accelerate your digital journey and access all of this hidden potential.

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Growth Areas For Aftermarket Services

Omni-Channel Service
Omni-Channel Service
Expanded Offerings
Expanded Offerings
One Connected Ecosystem
One Connected Ecosystem
Omni-Channel Service
Maximize impact of break-fix support based on a single source of truth, guided buying and real-time customer access with an intuitive customer self-service portal.

> 10% Growth

Expanded Offerings
Expand service and solution revenue leveraging untapped potential with bundled offerings or IoT-based subscriptions.

10–20% Growth

One Connected Ecosystem
Orchestrate digital channels and offerings by creating a digital ecosystem via cloud hosted platforms.

Up to 50% Growth

Grow Profitability And Drive Cost Efficiency
Grow Profitability And Drive Cost Efficiency
Grow Profitability And Drive Cost Efficiency
  • Gain process efficiencies from digitization and automation.
  • Increase field force productivity and optimize supply chain costs.

20%–40% Cost reduction

Spryker’s Capabilities Along The (Fragmented) Customer Journey

Selected Spryker Use-Cases For Aftersales And Service

Customer-Centric Self-Service Portal And Guided Selling

Consolidate all Aftersales process information and services into a real-time, digital self-service portal. Support the full customer lifecycle by providing a one-stop shop with complete visibility into all elements of the business relationship including additional commerce capabilities such as a Digital Garage, associating parts and accessories to customer's vehicles/equipment, dynamic pricing, digital showroom, visual commerce or complex configurations.

> 10% Growth

Bundled Offerings And IoT-based Subscriptions

Use connected, data-driven solutions to ensure timely and automated replenishment of consumables. Prevent empty warehouses and machine failures with Intelligent IoT Solutions and predictive or AI-based algorithms.

Add uptime-based service offerings as product bundle to increase customer’s OEE (supplier). Augment Vehicle and Driver interaction with Service suggestion based on car and customer profile (OEM) such as car optimisation, entertainment, feature-on-demand, mobility and location-based services to foster an in-car transactional business models with new revenue pools around the car.

10–20% Growth

Unified Transactional Aftersales Ecosystem

A unified Aftersales ecosystem connects dealerships, workshops, sellers, distributors, service and logistic providers on one interactive portal, making managing your business easier and streamlining customer service. Your customers can easily book service appointments from internal or external providers, purchase 3rd party equipment or directly purchase spare parts and services from your distributors along an integrated fulfillment ecosystem without any channel conflict.

Up to 50% Growth

Cost Efficiency With Order Process Automation

The cost-effectiveness of B2B order process automation can be boosted in a variety of ways, depending on the product or service and the complexity of the ordering process. By employing order management (State Machine) for orders, one can determine the optimal automation for shipping orders based on delivery speed, cost, carbon output and more while integrating 3rd party systems.

20%–40% Cost reduction

Trusted By Leading Global Brands

A small selection of leading brands that trust in Spryker.

One Platform To Consolidate All Commerce Activities

Spryker developed a holistic strategy to help replatform the Jungheinrich Parts Shop platform – a new online store system selling spare parts for a comprehensive range of logistics-related items.

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“The fast implementation of Spryker and integration in our system landscape allowed us to deliver an early digital market experience with limited time and cost of effort. It was key to be fast and agile in addressing the business needs.”

– Marc Dassler, Head of Digital Platforms, Hilti

“Throughout our evaluation, Spryker was the one technology fulfilling over 90% of our high-complex use cases from the get-go. And it paid off so far!”

– Jochen Hostalka, SVP IT & Enterprise Services, Siemens Healthineers

Recognised By Analysts

Strong Performer

“Spryker is a best fit for manufacturing businesses with complex business models”

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Spryker is one of the few vendors that offers a modern, modular architecture yet also serves enterprise-level clients with B2B and/or marketplace business models.

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in Enterprise B2B Digital Commerce Applications

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Getting Started On Your Aftermarket Journey:
Design Your Roadmap – And Start Testing Prototypes Early

Incorporating new solutions into your business practices doesn’t require a complete overhaul of your systems and processes.
Digital transformation can take place in iterations, focusing on one integration at a time and through an MVP approach. This allows your company to focus specifically on quick wins whilst progressing towards a more agile future set-up.

1 timeline can vary, depending on scope and depth of integration

Think Big, Start Small, Act Fast – Customer Example Grimme

Iterative approach at Grimme starting with basic functionality and adding further capabilities to enable high-value use-cases subsequently. Long project timelines and changing requirements can be avoided by agile implementation powered by design thinking.

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