Future-Focused: Spryker's Commitment to Sustainability

We are dedicated to make the world a better place for future generations.

Commitment to a Greener Future: Spryker's Conscious Approach

Spryker, at its core, is more than a leader in commerce technology; we are a community deeply conscious of our role in shaping a better, more sustainable world. This report reflects not just our achievements but our ongoing commitment to being a responsible, environmentally conscious entity in the tech landscape.

Integrating Sustainability with Technology: Because we care 

Our approach is grounded in the belief that technological advancement and environmental stewardship must go hand in hand. The Spryker team, affectionately known as Sprykees, is driven by a shared passion for ecological care, shared humanity and sustainability. This collective ethos guides our actions and our culture,  ensuring that our impact extends beyond business success to making a positive difference in the world.

Our Sustainable Path: Progress and Responsibility

We recognize the importance of our actions in shaping a sustainable future. Our steps, though measured, have been impactful – reducing our carbon footprint, implementing eco-friendly office practices, and encouraging green initiatives within our company. These efforts are humble yet significant strides towards a more sustainable future, reflecting our dedication to positive change.

Looking Ahead: Continuous Efforts for a Sustainable Commerce

As we move forward, our focus as a global team  remains on responsibly enhancing the world of commerce technology. We envision a future where our operations and innovations align seamlessly with environmental preservation. 

An Invitation to Collaborate for a Sustainable Tomorrow

Through this report, we extend an invitation to our partners, customers, and the community to join us on this vital journey. We believe in the power of collective effort to make a substantial impact. At Spryker, our commitment is to be a responsible participant in the global movement towards sustainability – where every step counts towards a greener, healthier planet.


Our goal is to actively contribute through our actions, policies, and processes to make our operations greener. We aim to share our commitment, inspiring environmental action and respect within the communities where we, as Sprykees, live and work.

Spryker's Environmental Vision

Sprykees care about the future of our planet.

Introduction to Spryker's Sustainability Vision

Our Environmental Promise

At Spryker, we’re deeply committed to looking after our planet. We understand that every business decision we make can impact the environment, so we're dedicated to making choices that help, not harm. This means we do more than just follow environmental laws and rules – we try to do better whenever we can.

Going Above and Beyond

We're not just meeting environmental standards; we're setting new ones. Our goal is to lead by example in the tech world, showing that it’s possible to be successful while still caring for our planet.

Our Green Goals

Here’s what we’re focused on:

  • Lowering Our Environmental Footprint: We’re working hard to reduce the harmful gases we release, use less energy and water, produce less waste, and avoid dangerous materials.
  • Encouraging Green Choices: We want sustainability to be part of everything we do, from the products we use to the partners we work with.
  • Always Getting Better: We regularly check how we’re doing and look for ways to improve. This might mean trying out new technologies or changing how we do things.
  • Sharing Our Knowledge: We believe that everyone has a role to play in protecting the environment. That’s why we’re committed to teaching our team, our customers, and our partners about environmental issues. We encourage everyone to make choices that are good for the planet.

Together Towards a Greener Future

For us at Spryker, caring for the environment is a journey we’re all on together. Every step we take to reduce our impact on the planet is important. Our dedication to a sustainable future stays strong as we continue to grow and innovate. We’re excited to lead the way in making the tech industry more environmentally friendly.

Environmental Benefits of Spryker's FLOW and Hybrid Work Culture

Giving back & Consciously Caring

Redefining Work for Environmental Care

At Spryker, our FLOW model – representing Flexible, Life, Oryx, Work – is more than a work culture; it's a step towards environmental mindfulness. This hybrid working approach combines the flexibility of remote work with the option of office use, leading to significant environmental advantages.

Reducing Carbon Footprint Through Flexibility

The flexible component of FLOW directly contributes to lower carbon emissions. By enabling Sprykees to work remotely or choose when to commute to the office, we significantly reduce the number of daily commutes. This reduction in travel not only lowers our collective carbon footprint but also contributes to decreased traffic congestion and air pollution.

Life-Work Integration Supporting Sustainable Lifestyles

Integrating work into life rather than the other way around, as emphasized in FLOW, encourages a more sustainable lifestyle. This model allows Sprykees to create more energy-efficient work environments at home, reducing the overall energy consumption compared to traditional office settings. Moreover, it supports a better work-life balance, which often translates into more environmentally conscious choices in daily life and an opportunity to contribute to community environmental initiatives and connect with nature.

The Role of Office in a Hybrid Model

In our hybrid work culture, the office plays a dynamic and adaptive role. While our office spaces are designed for efficiency and collaboration, their reduced utilization in a hybrid model means less energy usage for lighting, heating, and cooling. This approach not only aligns with our sustainability goals but also sets a new standard for environmentally responsible office management.

WFA: Amplifying Environmental Positives

Our Work From Anywhere (WFA) policy is not just a perk. By allowing Sprykees to work from locations that suit them best, whether it’s closer to nature or in more affordable living areas, we promote a lifestyle that values environmental consciousness. This policy enables Sprykees to reduce their reliance on urban resources and explore more sustainable living arrangements.

A Greener Future with FLOW

Through the FLOW work culture and our hybrid working model, Spryker doesn’t just champion workplace innovation; we actively foster environmental sustainability. Each aspect of FLOW – flexibility, life integration, and thoughtful office use – contributes to a greener, healthier planet. Our approach showcases how reimagining work can profoundly and positively impact the environment.

Spryker's proactive and multi-faceted approach to sustainability

Our Commitment to environmental care and climate action.

Carbon Neutrality Commitment:

Spryker has invested in being carbon neutral, with a focus on calculating greenhouse gas emissions, continuously reducing them, and offsetting unavoidable emissions through carbon offset projects​​.

Renewable Energy Initiatives in Africa:

Spryker is involved in promoting a transition to renewable energy in Africa, emphasizing the use of wind, solar, or hydro energy. This initiative aims to mitigate climate change effects and provide access to clean and affordable energy​​.

Supporting Wind Energy in Chile:

The company supports clean wind energy projects in Chile. These projects contribute to saving CO2 emissions by replacing energy generated from fossil fuels with sustainably generated electricity from wind power, which is then fed into regional power grids​.

Running on AWS for Energy Efficiency:

Spryker utilizes AWS services, known for their energy-efficient infrastructure. AWS’s infrastructure is significantly more energy-efficient than the median of U.S. enterprise data centers and is on a path to be powered by 100% renewable energy by 2025​​.

Membership in Leaders for Climate Change:

Spryker is a proud member of the Leaders for Climate Change, demonstrating its commitment to reducing carbon emissions both in its offices and for remote employees, aligning with the organization's efforts against the climate crisis​​.

Our ClimatePartner Report

Sprykees 4 Change

Empowering Environmental and Social Responsibility

Sprykees for Change embodies Spryker’s spirit of transformative teamwork and community engagement. This employee-led initiative is more than just a group; it's a movement dedicated to making meaningful contributions that leave a lasting, positive impact on our world. With a focus on environmental and social responsibility (E&SR), this group channels the collective energy of Sprykees into actions that transcend conventional team-building.

This year, Sprykees for Change has organized several significant initiatives. Recognizing the urgency of environmental care, teams across the globe have united for collective cleaning efforts, making tangible improvements in various locations. These initiatives reflect our commitment not just to our immediate surroundings but to the planet as a whole.

Another noteworthy endeavour was the Earth Day initiative, where we embraced a day without Zoom calls. This simple yet impactful action aimed to reduce our carbon footprint, showcasing our dedication to environmental sustainability. It's a testament to our belief that even small changes can lead to significant ecological benefits.

At its core, Sprykees for Change is a testament to the values held by everyone at Spryker. It's a clear demonstration that our team members are not just passionate about their work but deeply care about the future of our environment. Through these initiatives, we are not only strengthening our internal bonds but also uplifting communities and contributing positively to the world. This group exemplifies Spryker's commitment to being a responsible, caring, and future-focused organization.

Spryker's Green Office Initiatives

Hamburg & Berlin


  • Energy Awareness and Efficiency: Installation of signs to remind staff to switch off lights and use double-sided printing.
  • Reducing Disposable Plastics: Switch to eco-friendly disposable plates, cutlery, and recyclable paper cups, minimizing disposable kitchenware.
  • Local and Bio-Friendly Food Sourcing: Ordering snacks from local, sustainable suppliers to reduce carbon emissions.
  • Climate-Neutral Shipping: Utilizing DHL's Go-Green service for environmentally friendly shipping.
  • Smart Energy Management: Reducing heater usage during weekends and unoccupied office times.
  • Sustainable Cleaning Practices: Implementing Tersano dosing system in Berlin for efficient cleaning and using recyclable cleaning products.
  • Transition to Green Energy: Berlin office switched to e.optimum for 100% renewable energy.
  • Robust Recycling Systems: Establishing effective recycling protocols in both offices.
  • Office Sharing and Space Utilization: Encouraging office-sharing to optimize space and resource use.
  • Climate Action Partnership: Participating in offset projects to neutralize carbon emissions.

These initiatives across both locations reflect Spryker's holistic approach to sustainability, demonstrating its commitment to environmentally responsible practices in its office operations.

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