How Spryker Code Upgrader Keeps Your Platform Up-to-date

All technology requires upgrades. Phones, laptops, and even smart TVs all rely on regular updates to maintain optimal efficiency and unlock their full potential.

This logic also applies to digital commerce platforms. In the ever-evolving landscape of e-commerce, upgrades are inevitable to support any successful system. Technological advancements, shifting consumer expectations, and essential security updates mean that staying stagnant is simply not an option. 

Whilst updates may be essential, they can also be time-consuming. To combat this, Spryker has introduced Spryker Code Upgrader, to make your platform upgrades as straightforward as possible. This smart solution helps keep your platform at peak performance by assisting your teams in maintaining regular upgrades. Spryker Code Upgrader achieves this through the following features:


1. Provides Upgrade Suggestions Reducing Efforts By Up to 72%

On Spryker’s platform, 90% of new module upgrades are minor and patch releases. With Spryker Code Upgrader, minor and patch releases are offered as suggestions.
Suggestions provide everything needed to carry out the upgrade in one pull request, which simply needs to be merged with your platform.
It's these suggestions that semi-automate the upgrade process for Spryker customers, leading to an approximate 72% reduction in upgrade efforts1, offering your team more time and energy to focus on core business tasks.

2. Offers Upgrade Notifications

A major setback in upgrading a platform is that your team may not receive a heads-up when new updates become available. This means they can be missed. The more upgrades are missed, the harder it becomes to upgrade quickly and efficiently! Spryker Code Upgrader provides your team with consistent upgrade suggestions that suit an agile work process and allow teams to develop continuous habits, benefiting the health and security of your platform overall. 

This helps us to sleep better - way better!

We can focus on building our processes and selling our products and not focus on service stability, infrastructure, and all of those things.

[Spryker Code Upgrader] is saving us time and money we would rather spend on business growth and business development rather than just maintaining our platform. This, I think, is the biggest impact on our solution.

It really puts your mind at ease to always use the latest features and the latest versions without worrying too much about legacy code and technical debt.
– Andreas Flür, Product Owner & Developer, Pfeifer Group

3. Packages Releases Efficiently

As well as being continuous, Spryker releases include multiple modules released atomically. Upgrader assembles features from these multiple modules, with your teams receiving a complete and minimal upgrade suggestion representing each feature. This saves your team having to invest time understanding the dependencies in each update or having a feature partly installed. Upgrades are also presented in chronological order, allowing your team to swiftly action each. This ensures that if there is a dependency between several releases, your team will receive them in the expected order.

4. Provides Guidance for Upgrades

All updates come with guidance on how they should be applied, further speeding up the efforts of your team. This useful solution assists your team across the board but is particularly helpful for the approximate 10% of updates not offered as suggestions.

5. Detects Potential Conflicts

On top of offering details and guidance, Spryker releases will also detect potential conflicts with your existing project code. Any that are found will be flagged to your team to be made compatible before a release is applied, saving time and effort in the long run.

6. Prioritizes Security Updates

Spryker Code Upgrader prioritizes security releases over other updates, meaning these can be installed first. Acting on security releases from the PHP and NPM ecosystem, Spryker customers get notifications to apply these first, benefiting overall platform security.

Spryker Code Upgrader is a game-changer! It has reduced our upgrade efforts to around a quarter of what they were previously.

Our developers can now focus on the core processes and features essential to our business success instead of spending too much time on platform maintenance.

Now, when our team deals with platform upgrades, Spryker Code Upgrader ensures the releases are packaged efficiently, whilst the guidance it offers speeds up the upgrade process for the minority of releases not offered as suggestions.
– Giovanni Piemontese, Technical Lead IT eBusiness, Emil Löffelhardt

Benefits of Spryker Code Upgrader

All of these features contribute to crucial benefits in the age of scarce developer resources, including:
  • Reducing Your Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)
  • Optimizing Upgrade Speed
  • Maximizing the Productivity of Development Teams
  • Improving the Stability and Security of Your Platform

Upgrading your tech is not just a matter of staying up-to-date with the latest trends; it is an essential step toward maximizing your platform's potential. Spryker Code Upgrader allows your team to enjoy several functional solutions, empowering your company to thrive in an ever-evolving digital landscape.

1 Figures from Spryker internal data. Based on Spryker releases for 12 months up to October 2023.

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