Oryx Framework

Increase developer productivity and reduce time-to-market with Oryx Framework.

Oryx Framework empowers developers to build composable frontends with ease. Oryx provides a rich library of Oryx components, including a design system, allowing developers to rapidly create modern and visually appealing user interfaces. These components integrate with Spryker APIs by default, providing a seamless decoupled experience for developers and end consumers.

Through the use of web components and TypeScript, Oryx Framework can deliver fast, lightweight, and reactive pages for your storefront, that quickly and dynamically display on a range of devices.

Key features of Spryker's Oryx Framework
  • Composable and configurable: Components can be composed and configured to fit your project needs.
  • Extensible and Upgradeable: Components are customizable without losing the ability to upgrade to newer versions.
  • Contains presets and feature sets: Provides a set of pre-configured features for common use cases.
  • Layouts and themes provided: Offers a flexible layout system with easy theme customization.
  • Platform agnostic: Oryx is based on web components and uses plain TypeScript code wherever possible, meaning it can be integrated into any web technology.
  • Meets modern end customer expectations: Supports server-side rendering, lazy loading, and partial hydration for improved performance, SEO, and responsive design with keyboard support.
  • Use across multiple sites: Supports multiple sites within one installation.


What is a software framework?

Frameworks offer a structured and organized approach to building applications. They serve as a fundamental set of rules, libraries, and pre-established components that simplify and streamline the development process. As such, frameworks are becoming an increasingly essential part of development.

What are the benefits of working with a software framework?

Increased Productivity – Frameworks offer faster development cycles and reduced time-to-market. Their structured foundation allows developers to avoid repetitive, low-level tasks, instead focusing on the high-level, unique elements of their applications.

Scalability – Frameworks are designed to accommodate growth and scalability. They provide architecture patterns that help developers design applications in a modular and scalable way. This makes it easier to adapt the software to handle evolving requirements without a complete rewrite.

Ensures consistency and reliability – Frameworks accelerate development and ensure consistency and reliability. Offering a repository of pre-built modules and libraries, developers can reuse tested and proven code components across different projects.

About Spryker

Spryker is the leading composable commerce platform for enterprises with sophisticated business models to enable growth, innovation, and differentiation. Designed specifically for sophisticated transactional business, Spryker’s easy-to-use, headless, API-first model offers a best-of-breed approach that provides businesses the flexibility to adapt, scale, and quickly go to market while facilitating faster time-to-value throughout their digital transformation journey. As a global platform leader for B2B and B2C Enterprise Marketplaces, Thing Commerce, and Unified Commerce, Spryker has empowered 150+ global enterprise customers worldwide and is trusted by brands such as ALDI, Siemens, Hilti, and Ricoh. Spryker was recognized by Gartner® as a Visionary in the 2023 Magic Quadrant™ for Digital Commerce and was also ranked as a Strong Performer in The Forrester Wave™: B2B Commerce Solutions, Q2 2022. Spryker is a privately held technology company headquartered in Berlin and New York. Find out more at spryker.com

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