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Convenience is king, online shopping reigns supreme, and customers are more demanding than ever. With these in mind, it's no surprise that Click&Collect has emerged as a powerful game-changer.

Click&Collect, also known as “Buy Online, Pick Up In-Store” (BOPIS), has evolved into a preferred choice for shoppers seeking a hassle-free way to access their purchases. Its appeal lies in its ability to cater to the evolving needs of consumers, enabling them to shop online and conveniently pick up their orders at a physical location.

While the COVID-19 pandemic certainly accelerated its adoption, the appeal of Click&Collect extends beyond such exceptional circumstances.

In this handout, we cover Click&Collect's fundamental concepts, its benefits, and how Spryker's Click&Collect offering is perfect for your business.

The Rise of Click&Collect
  • In 2022, over half of millennial and Gen Z consumers in the United States chose Click&Collect for their online purchases.1
  • Over 15% of UK e-commerce sales will be fulfilled via Click&Collect in 2023. That’s almost double the pre-pandemic share in 2019—and growth will continue through 2026.2
  • In the US, the volume of Click&Collect sales will double by 2028 to exceed $200 billion, accounting for 12% of online retail sales.3

What do we mean by Click&Collect?

Click&Collect combines online and offline touchpoints to provide optimal value to customers.

Customers are able to order products online and pick them up in a variety of physical locations that we call Service Points. These can include brick-and-mortar stores, warehouses, parking lots, or third-party partner locations.

Customers can also use these Service Points for a multitude of other services, such as returns or alterations, depending on your business requirements.

The Click&Collect Process

Benefits of Click&Collect

The Click&Collect delivery model solves most of the pressing challenges facing retail and also provides the option of an easy return to the same pickup point.
– “Analyzing the Role of Click and Collect in the Future of Retail,” Business Wirey

Drives Additional Sales
Click&Collect has been proven to drive additional sales. According to Emarketer, once in-store, 85% of Click&Collect consumers reported making additional purchases when picking up an order. Moreover, Click&Collect customers have an 11% higher basket value than home delivery customers.

Save on Last-Mile Delivery
The final step in a product’s journey from the warehouse to the customer, known as last-mile delivery, is usually the most challenging and costly. Click&Collect helps by eliminating this step altogether, reducing up to 28% of the total transportation costs and ensuring that customers know exactly when they will receive their purchase.

Increase Customer Satisfaction
Customers enjoy faster deliveries and decreasing costs, ensuring satisfaction from time-short buyers. Click&Collect combines the efficiency of online shopping with quick delivery, eliminating the frustration of longer shipping times or waiting for couriers.

Development of an Omnichannel Strategy
Reach customers through a variety of touchpoints, both online and offline, offering further opportunities for interaction, upsells, and data collection.

Trusted by Consumers
Click&Collect is attractive to skeptical buyers, who can inspect the product at the Service Point and ensure it meets their expected standard. In addition, consumers appreciate the ability to rectify any issues immediately at the Service Point.

Stock Management
Provide customers with reliable information about stock levels at Service Points, offering transparency regarding planned purchases. This transparency also benfits companies to better manage their own stock levels

Spryker’s Click&Collect Solution

At Spryker, we recognize the potential Click&Collect offers retailers and merchants. Spryker Click&Collect ensures smooth order fulfillment experiences for varied business models, even in complex settings.

Spryker’s Click&Collect can be utilized in retail and manufacturing setups operating in multiple regions or branches, even if those locations offer differing product offerings, stock levels, or prices.

In addition, our system is designed to allow rapid implementation and swift reactions to any unexpected changes.

Service Point Concept
Spryker's Click&Collect operates using a Service Point concept. Service Points represent any physical location, such as a brick-and-mortar store, warehouse, or any other physical setting. As well as being a point for customers to collect orders, Service Points allow access to multiple customer services, such as returns, demos, or alterations, depending on your business needs.

Configurable by Location
For businesses that operate multiple Service Points (several stores, warehouses, lockers, or even a mix of Service Point types) Spryker's Click&Collect allows detailed configuration. Stock, product assortment, and prices can be shared or set independently for each Service Point, even across multiple regions.

Customers Can Select Their Most Convenient Service Point
For densely populated areas, customers can freely choose among different Service Points to collect their orders and utilize services.

Integrate Order Fulfillment Solutions
Click&Collect allows for the easy integration of order fulfillment solutions, including Spryker's Fulfillment App, out-of-the-box. Any 3rd-party order fulfillment tool can also be integrated.

Offer Individual Shipment Types
Individual shipment types are supported, including Click&Collect, Ship-from-Store, and customized options.

Supports Products from Merchants on Your Marketplace
Operators can also have products from merchants on their Marketplace sent to Service Points. Operators can choose the products that can be sent to specific Service Points based on logistics and business logic.

Set Specific Prices Online and Offline
Spryker's Click&Collect allows you to stay flexible with your business strategy by offering different prices online and at physical Service Points.

Product Availability by Service Point
The product availability displayed online is determined by the Service Point a customer has selected.

Flexibile Architecture
Spryker’s Click&Collect architecture is built to support varied, business-specific services at Service Point locations.

API Coverage
Spryker’s Click&Collect offers comprehensive back-end and storefront APIs.

Customer Story – Globus

Founded over 190 years ago, Globus is a leading family company in the grocery sector with over 46,000 employees. Globus came to Spryker looking for an urgent solution after their Click&Collect service provider went bankrupt. With a 2-week time limit to implement a new solution, the situation was especially dire, taking place during the COVID-19 pandemic. Globus customers heavily relied on the Click&Collect service for their day-to-day shopping.

At the beginning, I didn’t believe that a go-live in 2 weeks was possible. But the most important thing is that everyone involved has the will to do it. If that wasn’t the case, we would never have made it.
– Daniel Richter, Vice President Multichannel, Globus SB-Warenhaus Holding GmbH & Co. KG

Globus had clear priorities when working with Spryker. A pick-up service had to be established within two weeks that could be utilized at all 4 locations without interruption or loss of service quality. Globus benefited from the fact that much of the required functionality was already available as standard with Spryker Cloud Commerce OS. With Spryker, Globus was able to continue offering their Click&Collect service smoothly.

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