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Our Data Exchange Solution

Modern Platforms and Data Exchange

Modern e-commerce platforms, especially those for sophisticated and complex purchasing journeys, require the exchange of data via numerous third-party connections in order to successfully fulfill operations.

Allowing data to flow between all of these connections presents many challenges, due to the high complexity of the platforms due to organic growth and acquisitions.

A middleware solves the data integration challenges in a flexible and customizable way greatly reducing the efforts for data exchange use-cases.

Modern e-commerce platforms, especially those for sophisticated and complex purchasing journeys, require the exchange of data with numerous third-party systems in order to successfully enable business transactions and provide data insights.

The Main Challenges of Data Integration

In order to enable compatibility between two systems it is important that their data models are correctly mapped and data formats are correctly transformed.
Data needs to be accurately synchronized between different systems to ensure that data is consistently updated and accurate.
Data quality is critical for an outstanding user experience in order to avoid any errors and discrepancies.
Security and Compliance
Data needs to be protected against malicious attacks and handled in a way that is compliant to protection regulations such as GDPR.
High data volumes need to be processed in an efficient and timeliness manner in order to keep data current and ensure a good user experience.

What is Alumio?

Alumio is a cloud-based iPaaS (integration Platform as a Service) or ‘Middleware’ that simplifies connecting software, systems, and business processes, via a user-friendly interface.

It enables companies to connect two or more softwares, systems, cloud applications, APIs, data points, or other digital business solutions, from a central hub.

As a web-based, no-code or low-code integration solution, Alumio presents a user-friendly interface to create, monitor, and manage all integrations, without any coding expertise.

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Long-term Value

  • Lower Total Cost of Ownership: Centralized and flexible management of data flows
  • Higher customer satisfaction: Consistent & up-to-date data across all touchpoints
  • Higher conversion rate: React to customer demands and competitive challenges more quickly
  • Lower return rate: More comprehensive & accurate product information
  • Faster time-to-value: Shorter setup times for integrations

Our Commitment

Service Licence Agreement (SLA)
Alumios’ SLAs are aligned with Spryker’s SLAs and guarantee end-to-end uptime and support.

Uptime Guarantee
Providing caching capabilities and reactivation procedures in case of system crashes, our solution ensures business continuity.

GDPR Compliance
By providing holistic data access our middleware helps you comply with GDPR regulations.

Privacy Legislation
The Spryker Middleware also supports a number of key compliance regimes like SOC2, CCPA, FERPA, and HIPAA.

Secure by design
We adhere to the highest standards and principles for data security from infrastructure to code.

Building on the foundation on an enterprise-grade middleware Spryker provides Integration Apps that implement common end-to-end data exchange use-cases to decrease integration efforts.

Middleware Standalone vs Integration Apps

Middleware standalone Middleware standalone
Integration Apps Integration Apps
Connect Spryker with 3rd-party solution in a few hours
Middleware standalone
Integration Apps
Manage data flow in a centralized and flexible way
Middleware standalone
Integration Apps
Synchronize data in high speed
Middleware standalone
Integration Apps
Monitor and ensure the quality of data
Middleware standalone
Integration Apps
Resolve any data synchronization issues in seconds
Middleware standalone
Integration Apps
Out-of-the-box end-to-end mapping –Get started in minutes
Middleware standalone
Integration Apps

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