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In an era where the boundaries between online and offline shopping continue to blur, a transformative concept has emerged, fundamentally altering the retail landscape: Unified Commerce. This innovative approach revolutionizes how businesses engage with consumers by integrating and synchronizing various sales channels seamlessly.

Unified Commerce transcends the limitations of traditional commerce models, emphasizing the convergence of physical retail, e-commerce, mobile platforms, and any other consumer touchpoints. It’s not merely a technological solution but a strategic philosophy that places the customer experience at its core.

The fundamental premise of Unified Commerce is simple yet profound: regardless of how, when, or where customers interact with a brand, they should encounter a consistent, personalized, and frictionless shopping experience. This concept reshapes the retail ecosystem, offering a more cohesive, convenient, and enjoyable journey for consumers while empowering businesses to better understand, anticipate, and fulfill their customers' needs.

Read on to learn more about this forward-thinking solution.

The Rise of Unified Commerce
  • By 2025, organizations offering a unified commerce experience will see a 20% uplift in revenue. (Gartner)
  • After the pandemic, 61% of consumers expected brands to continue selling across multiple channels. (Ayden Retail Report)
  • 52% of customers pay more for a product if they have a smooth and easy shopping experience. (PwC)

Benefits of Unified Commerce

Unified commerce offers numerous benefits to manufacturers, suppliers, and retailers, offering the ability to transform their operations and interactions:

Meet Customer Expectations
In the modern age, convenience is king. Unified Commerce allows businesses to offer their customers more convenience in multiple ways. Customers can experience the same expected service across multiple channels and select the fulfillment options most convenient to them.

Enhanced Visibility and Inventory Management
Gain real-time visibility into inventory levels and consumer demand across all channels. This insight enables better inventory management, reducing overstock or stockouts and optimizing supply chain operations.

Improved Customer Insights
Unified commerce provides a unified view of customer data. Collect and analyze data from various touchpoints, enabling a comprehensive understanding of customer behavior, preferences, and shopping patterns. This contributes toward tailored product development and marketing strategies.

Consistent Brand Experience
Ensure a consistent and cohesive brand experience for customers, regardless of the channel they engage with. Maintain brand consistency, ensuring a seamless transition between online and offline experiences.

Spryker’s Unified Commerce Solution

Exceed customer expectations and streamline your operations. Spryker’s Unified Commerce solution provides a wealth of innovative features.

Enhance customer convenience and remove last-mile delivery without forfeiting the potential for additional in-store purchases

Service Point Concept
Service Points represent any physical location, such as a brick-and-mortar store, warehouse, or any other setting. Service Points may offer multiple services depending on your business needs, including collection, returns, alterations, or demos.

Flexible Architecture
Spryker's Click&Collect architecture is built to support varied, business-specific services at Service Point locations.

Configurable by Location
Spryker's Click&Collect allows detailed configuration by Service Point. Stock, product assortment, and prices can be shared or set independently, even across multiple regions.

Supports Marketplace Capabilities
Marketplace merchants can also have their products sent to Service Points, widening the scope of products available to customers.

Fulfillment App
The Fulfillment App enables your staff to prepare online orders in a timely and efficient manner, ready to be collected in-store, from a convenient location, or sent out for delivery.

Innovative Technology
An innovative combination of headless technology and unique Progressive Web App (PWA) capabilities, such as offline mode, allows efficient order fulfillment on both the shop and warehouse floor.

API Coverage
Comprehensive support for back-end and storefront APIs.

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About Spryker

Spryker is the leading composable commerce platform for enterprises with sophisticated business models to enable growth, innovation, and differentiation. Designed specifically for sophisticated transactional business, Spryker’s easy-to-use, headless, API-first model offers a best-of-breed approach that provides businesses the flexibility to adapt, scale, and quickly go to market while facilitating faster time-to-value throughout their digital transformation journey. As a global platform leader for B2B and B2C Enterprise Marketplaces, Thing Commerce, and Unified Commerce, Spryker has empowered 150+ global enterprise customers worldwide and is trusted by brands such as ALDI, Siemens, Hilti, and Ricoh. Spryker was recognized by Gartner® as a Visionary in the 2023 Magic Quadrant™ for Digital Commerce and was also ranked as a Strong Performer in The Forrester Wave™: B2B Commerce Solutions, Q2 2022. Spryker is a privately held technology company headquartered in Berlin and New York. Find out more at spryker.com

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