White Paper

Window to the World: The Power of Diverse Talent in Digitalization

Embracing Workforce Diversity and Local Experience for a Human-Centric Approach to Successful Digitalization – A Comprehensive Study

“Diversity is our strength. Period.”

– Boris Lokschin, Co-Founder & CEO at Spryker

Meet The Herd

We take a lot of inspiration from the Oryx antelope – a powerful and courageous creature we identify with, and we proudly call ourselves “THE HERD”.

The Oryx antelope is strong, and resilient and can rely on each other to beat even lions when their herd is in distress. Other antelopes flee, but our Oryx actively fights back predators and prevails.

As symbolic antelopes, we created a sense of community and see each other as unique elements of our herd. Every Sprykee is exceptional and valuable on their own, and the strongest when in the community. The Future belongs to all and therefore, we extend our community with the utmost respect and care to our customers and partners, welcoming them as well to our herd of antelopes as a sign of friendship and belonging.

  • Solution-oriented: Because we like to get things done and find the best actionable solution.
  • Passionate: Because we care about the success of our customers and believe in what we do.
  • Herd-Player: Because we understand that when we work together we are the strongest herd.
  • Adaptable: Because we want to keep up with our fast-changing world to always be ahead and never behind.
  • Seeking-ownership: Because we take responsibility and aspire to be reliable and trustworthy.

Spryker's Diversity, Equality & Inclusion Statement

To provide informed, authentic leadership for cultural equity, Spryker wants to be a role model for our industry:

We contribute to an inclusive culture & a Safe-place-to-work.
We see diversity, inclusion, and equity as connected to our mission and critical to ensuring the well-being of our staff and the customers we serve.

We believe that Sprykees, customers and partners come always first.
Our herd is the most important element to our success. This is why we want to purposefully acknowledge and dismantle any inequities within our policies, systems, programs, and services, and continually update and report organisational progress.

We embed Respect & Tolerance in our Leadership Principles.
Respect and tolerance are pillars to our leadership. We expect all employees to embrace this notion and to express it in workplace interactions and through everyday practices.

We want humans in all their diversity.
You are important to Spryker. This is why we want to advocate for and support board-level thinking about how systemic inequities impact our organisation’s work, and how best to address that in a way that is consistent with our mission so that you can always feel that your contribution is valued and seen.

We aspire to be thought leaders and set an example in our industry.
Knowledge and learning about inequalities and differences will help us kindly and compassionately to challenge assumptions about what it takes to be a strong leader or AAA player at our organization, and who is well-positioned to provide thought leadership.

We contribute to the world through Engagement & Empowerment.
Engagement and Empowerment of the herd will make us stronger, think more outside of the box, look for moonshots and encourage each other to try things that we did not think were possible before.

We take Responsibility.
The responsibility to commit resources and time to expand more diverse leadership within our board, staff, committee, and advisory bodies is a value that we drive as a herd.

“Our People & Culture vision at Spryker, 'Let us create a culture that we all love and that enables people to do the best work of their life', encapsulates the aspiration to establish a work environment where everyone feels valued, engaged, and empowered to reach their full potential. It expresses our desire to cultivate a culture that not only supports the organization's success but also prioritizes the well-being and growth of its employees. We acknowledge that a positive work culture is essential for individuals to thrive and perform at their best. By creating culture employees genuinely love, we want to foster an environment where individuals feel a sense of belonging, respect, and appreciation. It promotes a workplace where diversity and inclusion are embraced, enabling people from various backgrounds and perspectives to contribute and collaborate effectively. We believe a welcoming culture enables individuals to do the best work of their life. By providing the necessary resources, opportunities, and support, our Sprykees can excel and achieve exceptional results. This involves investing in employee development, providing continuous learning opportunities, and offering meaningful challenges and career advancement prospects. Thereby, we at Spryker unleash our employee's potential and make significant contributions to their work. We commit to continue fostering an open environment where employees from all over the world feel motivated, engaged, and fulfilled, by prioritizing employee happiness, growth, and high performance – which ultimately benefits our diverse herd members, improves how efficiently and innovative we work together and elevates Spryker as a whole.”

– Elise Müller, Vice President People & Culture



An everchanging and interconnected world

At Spryker, our vision is to power the world's sophisticated transactions also by leveraging our diverse and global workforce. With a strong presence across continents, we pride ourselves on fostering an inclusive environment that harnesses the potential of individuals from various backgrounds, cultures, and perspectives. Our commitment to diversity and inclusion not only fuels innovation and creativity but also enables us to better understand and serve the unique needs of our customers in an increasingly interconnected world.

The impact of having a diverse and global workforce is evident in our ability to deliver cutting-edge solutions that drive digital differentiation. Our employees, representing a multitude of expertise, skill sets, and experiences, are at the core of our mission to ensure that businesses can successfully navigate the complexities of sophisticated transactions. By integrating this rich tapestry of talent into project teams, we are able to develop and provide a platform of solutions specifically designed for advanced transactional processes.

Collaborating with Spryker not only grants access to our exceptional pool of talent but also serves as a gateway to the world. Our global workforce acts as a conduit, bridging gaps between cultures, markets, and languages, allowing our customers to expand their reach and foster lasting connections. This, in turn, contributes to the overall growth and success of their businesses.

Our commitment to diversity and inclusion is a key driver of our ability to empower businesses with the tools needed to navigate sophisticated transactions. By investing in a workforce that reflects the world we serve, we are better positioned to provide our customers with the digital differentiation required for success in the modern global economy.

Together, we create a brighter future, pushing the boundaries of what is possible in the domain of sophisticated transactional businesses.

We understand that diversity is our world's reality, and now more than ever is digitalization a driving force for this interconnectedness of people.

We want to offer our customers and partners our whole selves, because as global players navigate the complexities of the modern business landscape, it is essential to have partners who understand and adapt to the unique needs of their operations. As a global player, organizations span across local and regional markets, with each location characterized by its own distinct requirements and structures. Our diverse workforce at Spryker is uniquely positioned to help address these challenges.

We recognize that to enable sophisticated transactions in a diverse and rapidly evolving world, we wanted to cultivate a workforce that is deeply familiar with the specific nuances of various regional markets. Our employees' intimate knowledge of local customs, regulations, and market dynamics allows us to develop tailored solutions that cater to the organization's unique needs. We understand differences in the world and how to bridge them effectively.

Moreover, our commitment to diversity and inclusion ensures that our workforce is equipped with the necessary skills, perspectives, and cultural sensitivities to effectively collaborate with teams across the globe. When partnering with Spryker, our customers and partners can tap into a wide range of expertise that transcends borders, fostering a seamless integration of global strategies and local execution.

Our diverse and globally distributed workforce stands as a testament to our dedication to empowering global corporations in their pursuit of sophisticated transactions.

Purpose and Scope of this document

The purpose of this report is to concisely highlight the context and importance of understanding the impact of workforce diversity and local expertise on regional digitalization success. By emphasizing the role of a diverse workforce and localized knowledge in driving sophisticated transactions, we aim to demonstrate how our company's commitment to inclusivity and global reach can empower businesses to thrive in an increasingly interconnected world.


The Value of Workforce Diversity

Driving Success in Regional Digitalization

Cultural Intelligence and Market Sensitivity

Key Takeaway: Sprykees are cultural enablers and experts that make a human-centric approach to commerce, mirroring its complexity a real asset on what Spryker has to offer.

Our learnings
  • Global Mindset: A diverse workforce brings together individuals from different cultural, linguistic, and social backgrounds, fostering a global mindset that enables a better understanding of various markets and customer preferences.
  • Effective Communication: Employees with diverse cultural backgrounds can navigate and adapt their communication styles to suit different markets, effectively conveying messages and building relationships with local stakeholders. A diverse workforce can recreate human behaviour that helps predictability of user stories, reducing the error margin in new locales.
  • Awareness of Cultural Nuances: Diverse teams are more attuned to cultural nuances, such as customs, beliefs, and values, allowing them to anticipate and respond to potential cultural sensitivities and avoid misunderstandings.
  • Customer Empathy: Employees from diverse backgrounds can relate better to the needs, preferences, and pain points of customers from different cultures, leading to more customer-centric solutions and higher levels of customer satisfaction.
  • Building Trust: A diverse workforce can help build trust with local partners, suppliers, and customers by demonstrating the company's commitment to understanding and respecting different cultures and promoting inclusivity.

Sprykees all over the world

40+ countries

Top 5 countries with the most onsite representation:

  • Germany 40%
  • Ukraine 23%
  • US 5%
  • UK 4%
  • Poland 5%
Despite the higher representation of male employees within our company (73%), the rate of promotions for male and female employees is nearly equal (8.2% for females, 8.1% for males). This suggests that opportunities for advancement are distributed fairly between genders, irrespective of their overall representation. However, the lower representation of female employees (27%) indicates a potential area of improvement in recruitment or retention strategies to better balance the gender composition of the workforce. – Lily Kriegs, Inclusive Culture & Belonging Partner
  • Sprykees have 47 different nationalities.
  • Top 3: Ukrainian (33%), German (20%), American (5%)
  • 21 Sprykees (4%) have more than one nationality.
  • Age average: 35.3 years.

Enhanced Creativity and Innovation

Key Takeaway: Diversity fuels our global insights, allowing precise identification of market trends and culturally tailored solutions. This enhances customer satisfaction and optimizes market penetration, reinforcing our global adaptability.

Our Learnings
  • Enhanced Perspective: A diverse team offers a broader range of perspectives, enabling more accurate identification of market trends, opportunities, and potential challenges that may be unique to specific cultural contexts.
  • Cultural Adaptation: A diverse workforce can help adapt products, services, and marketing strategies to better suit the cultural preferences and norms of specific markets, leading to improved customer satisfaction and market penetration.

“Gone are the days when Diversity in the workplace was considered by organisations mainly to be perceived as part of the modern inclusive and tolerant world, which was a good enough reason. In today's highly interconnected world, organisations that use Diversity as a strategic tool to foster innovation and creativity in the workplace are more successful. Building a diverse team is a wise investment that results in clear business benefits. It is a big strategic advantage to already have ideas and input from different business environments & cultures, right from planning to launching new products or services. Workforce Diversity is both a cost-effective and impactful tool to Glocalization.”

– Sati R. Mishra, Lead Program Manager, Success Enabling Services

Our learning

Inclusive Innovation: A diverse workforce can contribute to inclusive innovation, where products, services, and strategies are designed to cater to a wide range of customers and markets, driving business growth and long-term success.

“Nurturing a diverse workforce fosters openness, safety, and respect, encouraging the exchange of thoughts and inspiring ideas. It multiplies the range of innovation by fearlessly embracing global and local challenges and experiences. Intercultural and neurodiverse exchanges stimulate creative intelligence spark, enabling exploration of uncharted angles and increasing cognitive flexibility. This leads to enhanced creative and innovative strategies, products and services in a neurodiverse landscape promoting inclusive innovation … go, go, go for inclusive innovation reshaping our world!”

– Monica Silva, Lead Product Manager, Data Experience

Improved Decision-Making and Problem-Solving

Key takeaway: In the collaboration of a diverse workforce, there is no “box”, but a mosaic of perspectives.

Our learnings
  • Problem-solving and innovation: A diverse workforce offers a distinct advantage by fostering an environment that encourages creative thinking and collaboration. The convergence of varied backgrounds, perspectives, and experiences effectively dismantles the confines of conventional thinking or "the box." As a result, individuals within a diverse workforce can effortlessly explore alternative solutions and approaches to complex challenges, thereby unlocking unparalleled creativity and enhancing the effectiveness of their collective problem-solving efforts. This dynamic serves as a key driver for success and innovation within an organization.
  • Competitive Advantage: A diverse workforce with strong cultural intelligence can provide a competitive edge, enabling the company to differentiate itself in the market and better respond to evolving customer needs and preferences.
KPIs we will be exploring
  • #Diversity of Ideas and Solutions Generated: Track the number of unique ideas and solutions proposed by project teams over a specific period.
  • #Employee Engagement and Collaboration: Assess the level of engagement and collaboration within project teams, measured through employee surveys or by observing the frequency and effectiveness of cross-functional team meetings.
  • #Success Rate of Implemented Solutions: Evaluating the success rate of solutions developed measured through various factors, such as the achievement of project goals, time saved, cost efficiency, or increased customer satisfaction. A higher success rate for diverse teams can serve as evidence of the enhanced problem-solving capabilities and innovation that stem from a diverse workforce.

“Spryker's competitive advantage is deeply rooted in the capabilities and dedication of our people. Recognising this, we place great importance on cultivating diversity to empower every Sprykee to realize their full potential.”

– Michael Woodvine, VP Corporate Strategy & Analytics

Human-Centric engagement and enhanced empathy capabilities

Key Takeaway: Embracing human-centric engagement and fostering empathy within our diverse workforce encourages a deeper understanding of varied customer experiences and needs. This empathetic approach enhances our ability to connect with and serve our customers across different cultures and regions, thereby elevating the quality of our customer relations and satisfaction.

Our learning

Collaboration and Learning: A diverse workforce encourages an environment of collaboration and learning, where employees can share their cultural insights and experiences to develop a more comprehensive understanding of varied demands, personas and use cases, addressing even the most complex processes that require human interaction.

“Spryker offers a remarkable range of learning and training to their »herd«. Specifically around the topics of mindful and considerate resolve of differences, be it in negotiations or intercultural competencies. After all, diversity is learning: being open to different perspectives, embracing „the other“ in a curious and kind way, and leveraging the chances and potentials that stem from diversity. This is how I meet the people of Spryker time and again. And it obviously proves them right from the commercial perspective. Just as an example: where else do you meet experts for culture-aware UX design?”

– Andreas Raubach, Trainer & Coach at BRIDGEHOUSE Holding GmbH

Our learning

Customer Empathy: Employees from diverse backgrounds can relate better to the needs, preferences, and pain points of customers from different cultures, leading to more customer-centric solutions and higher levels of customer satisfaction.

“For the last 15 years, I have worked with customers and colleagues from all continents. When starting my career, my biggest customer originated from Russia while I was working for an American company with a supporting team in India. That was my first international experience, a challenging but rewarding one. The exposure to diverse cultures, perspectives, and business practices has not only broadened my horizon but also enhanced my ability to thrive. Operating in a global context requires constantly adjusting to different cultural norms and communication styles. It has sharpened my collaboration skills and enabled me to embrace diversity.”

– Christian Haas, Senior Customer Success Manager

Strengthened Company Reputation and Brand Image

Natural Effects from a Diverse Culture
Our learnings
  • Positive Work Environment: Embracing diversity and inclusion is what creates a supportive and collaborative atmosphere, where Sprykees feel valued and respected. This positive work environment translates into higher employee satisfaction, loyalty, and productivity, which in turn enhances Spryker's reputation as an employer of choice.
  • Social Responsibility: Our commitment to diversity and inclusion showcases Spryker's dedication to ethical business practices and corporate social responsibility. In today's global market, customers, partners, and top talent increasingly seek organizations that prioritize social values and equity, and aligning with these expectations is one of the strengths of Spryker's brand image.
  • Enhanced Value Proposition: By cultivating a positive work environment and demonstrating social responsibility, Spryker's shares important values with the customers we are working with and exhibits our commitment to fostering an inclusive and responsible business environment. This is how we want to be seen and perceive and be an example to the industry.

The Importance of Local Exposure and Expertise in Regional Digitalization Practices

Key Takeaway: Spryker's diverse workforce, deeply experienced in operational processes akin to our customers, is an invaluable asset. People's contributions go beyond localization – these experiences can help validate assumptions and mitigate project risk, embedding an inherent resilience in the strategies we propose.

It is in this diversity that we find our strength and agility, enabling us to seamlessly navigate the global business landscape.

Our learning

E-commerce strategies require local and generational validation to succeed.

Innovation in ecommerce often stems from the blend of diverse experiences. Pioneering trends from Asia, like livestreaming and conversational commerce, find their path to Western markets through those who have lived these experiences. The distinct expectations of digital-native millennials inspire B2B merchants to evolve. Furthermore, the fusion of B2B and B2C expertise cultivates the best ecommerce practices. The ideal ecommerce team encapsulates this diversity, marrying cutting-edge ecommerce knowledge with the deep-rooted understanding of industry veterans. In essence, it's diversity that fuels adaptability, innovation, and excellence – Michael Vax - Digital Commerce Expert
Our learning

Employees with intersectional backgrounds create substantial value for our company by leveraging their unique life experiences, which stem from living in different countries, living their chosen identities, being migrants, or having backgrounds from other industries e.g.

“My diverse background has always been a tremendous asset in my career. Growing up in Israel to a Jewish-Polish-German family, living in cities like NYC, Geneva, and Berlin, and being passionate about creativity, psychology, and technical complexity, has shaped my unique perspective. Throughout my 15-year journey as a product management leader, I have encountered numerous instances of being the only woman in a room filled with men. However, I have never allowed that to define me. Instead, I have wholeheartedly embraced my individuality, leveraging my diverse experiences to bring fresh ideas, foster innovation, and form alliances across genders.” 

– Adva BenDov, Lead Product Manager Core Commerce & Women@Spryker Committee

Human Experiences & Life experiences

Important Contributors to our Professional Experience. We understand the world outside our own.

Key Takeaway: It is the human experience that enriches the technology and creates differentiation in the market because it validates assumptions and brings life to the actual emotional component of human behaviour that was merely statistics before.

Our learning

Our Sprykees have travelled the world intensively and can adapt to diverse situations and challenges, as they have developed resilience and problem-solving skills through exposure to various cultural, social, and professional contexts

“Traveling has always been a big and important part of my private life. It has helped me grow in a lot of different ways: becoming more open-minded, learning new languages, getting to know a lot of different people and cultures, accepting things as they are and building up resilience as things are just different in every single country. I learned to adapt myself and see the world with different eyes, enjoying the beauty of the world and the simple things in my life. Gratefulness is what I am feeling when being "on the road" and living my freedom. With Spryker I found the perfect employer to live my dream life combining traveling, living and working in the most beautiful places.”

– Verena Ott, Senior Resource Manager

Our learning

Many of our Sprykees have learned to bridge cultural gaps and foster collaboration, as their familiarity with multiple cultures enables them to navigate and mitigate potential misunderstandings or conflicts that could arise in a diverse working environment.

“I always enjoyed travelling from an early age. I realized quickly that the only way to satisfy my curiosity and get to know new cultures was by actively listening to people, observing, asking questions, and learning new languages. I had the opportunity to work in roles with the scope of EMEA, APAC, and NA. When I remember my first business trip to China – boy, oh boy, I was lost in the beginning! Welcoming every situation with an open mind, ear, and heart enables understanding this complex (luckily) globalized world. Those experiences help me to see the world from different angles – at work and elsewhere.”

– Stefanie Zander, Senior People Operations Manager

Our learnings
  • Industry Experience: When we integrate best practices, knowledge and experiences from different industries, we can develop novel strategies and ideas that drive innovation and propel our company to the forefront of our industry.
  • Network: Our Sprykees utilize their extensive network of connections across countries and industries, which can create new opportunities for business growth, collaboration, and knowledge exchange.

“I was lucky enough to work at Startups, in the VC space and also for large global corporations. Working in these different environments and always with people from all around the world made me sensitive to the fact that different cultural backgrounds often come with different needs, expectations and approaches to your day-to-day job. This has shown me that flourishing diversity can lead to better results as more perspectives are taken into consideration to tackle the problem at hand. Implementing this here at Spryker by creating diverse project teams is always a priority to me.”

– Daniel Zäh, Global Alliance Lead AWS

Adaptation of Digital Solutions to Local Needs and Preferences

Our customers are also globally present.

Key Takeaway: Adapting digital solutions to local needs is crucial for sustainable digital strategies. It ensures our technology aligns with cultural nuances and specific market demands, bolstering user engagement and acceptance. By prioritizing local preferences, we foster a human-centric approach, leading to solutions that resonate with users and enhance the longevity and effectiveness of our digital interventions.

Our Learning

Navigating Regulatory and Legal Frameworks is an important aspect of global expertise. Not only to be compliant and relevant in different markets but also to attract and retain the best talent, where our customers need them to be.

“As Head of People Operations in a global company, we have collaborated with Employer of Records (EOR) to ensure legal compliance in each country where we operate. By partnering with EOR, we stay up to date with country-specific regulations and comply with local employment laws, data protection regulations, and immigration policies. I enjoy the challenge of learning new things every day to navigate regulatory and legal frameworks effectively, which allows us to expand our operations successfully in diverse regional markets. I strongly believe that nowadays having a diverse workforce is the key factor to success therefore we will continue to build a diverse herd all over the world.”

– Patrizia Przybylski, Head of People Operations

Building Strong Local Partnerships and Networks

Key Takeaway: Building strong local partnerships and networks forms the cornerstone of efficient project execution. It enables more synchronized coordination, timely responses, and streamlined project management. Furthermore, local alliances facilitate a deeper understanding of the market, driving decisions that improve KPIs and enhance business performance. Thus, the blend of local partnerships and diversity culminates in effective, locally attuned digital strategies.


Humans of Spryker

Meet the People Behind the Success Stories

As a Ukrainian soul I'm incredibly proud to be part of a company that embraces diversity in all its forms. Our team is a melting pot of different cultures, backgrounds, and perspectives, which enriches our work environment. It's inspiring to witness the collaborative spirit that transcends borders and unites us as one cohesive herd. Together, we celebrate our differences and harness their power to drive innovation and creativity. Our company's commitment to inclusivity fosters a sense of belonging and empowers each team member to contribute their unique strengths. I feel privileged to work alongside such a talented and supportive group of individuals.

– Margo Slobodianyk, Lead Expert Services



“I’m Mashay, Solution Consultant here at Spryker, living in the UK for the past 18 years. Prior to this, I grew up on a British island with a tiny community of only a few thousand people. Island life taught me the value of community and resourcefulness. Community is at the heart of my culture where friends act like families to support each other and combine their creativity & resources to contribute to the community. What the island community has taught me is very much interchangeable with anything I do; so when I reflect on why I love collaborating in cross-functional teams or turning challenges into solutions, my roots are very much what guide me in successful collaborations and delivering better outcomes.”

– Mashay Constantine-Yon, Lead Solution Consultant

“When I started working at Spryker a year ago, I found the culture of trust and appreciation I was looking for. It quickly became obvious to me that allowing people to work from pretty much everywhere in the world, trusting them to excel at their jobs without managing every single step and understanding their differences as a valuable asset makes everyone thrive. Makes the company thrive. After having worked in the rather homogeneous law firm world (homogeneity already starting with the simple fact that everyone had studied the same thing and was working long hours in suits) for the better part of my working life, now seeing how wonderfully different all these individuals at Spryker are, listening to all the different accents in online meetings and counting the countries of participants still amazes me every time.”

– Anneliese Hartlaub, Senior Legal Counsel

“I am Maryam Tarek, a PHP developer at Spryker. I am a wife and a mother of two and I live in Egypt. What I love about programming is that it teaches you how to think and creates positive changes, resulting in tangible products. My passion is driven by a desire to make a lasting impact and facilitate a better life for people. Working at Spryker has exposed me to different cultures and backgrounds, where we all come together to achieve the same purpose despite our diversity. This experience has helped us understand different perspectives within the world we live in. As I grew up in a religious environment, my faith has instilled in me the values of respectful communication, empathy, responsibility, and reliability. Together, one line of code at a time, we are actively transforming the world.” 

– Maryam Tarek, PHP Developer

“From Nairobi to Berlin ... – It’s been a year since I started my journey with Spryker and as I take inventory of my experience here I realize it has been an exciting journey that will shape my future and that of many companies. Digital commerce in Europe and Africa have unique similarities and differences that continue to make sense why Spryker focuses on composability as a differentiator. Some of the similarities for example are the need for digital payment options. In Africa, mobile money is an unstoppable force without which doing business is almost impossible. In Europe, digital payment options are also prevalent but mostly card based. As a digital commerce expert, I am noticing trends in the African continent that will make it the next frontier for any major retailer or manufacturer looking to expand their market share e.g. multinational vehicle manufacturers such as Volkswagen, Daimler and Mercedes are setting up production plants in Angola, Ethiopia, Ghana, Kenya, Namibia, Nigeria and Rwanda. In 2019 alone Morocco's vehicle exports hit $10 billion dollars. The composability differentiator that Spryker offers allows companies to accommodate the unique needs of each market/country in any part of the world and Africa will be no different.”

– Johnson Maina, Customer Success Manager

“My name is Nicki, I'm a Talent Coordinator at Spryker. I have been living in the Netherlands for the past 16 years but I was born and raised in the Philippines. I am very proud of my roots and hold Filipino values close to my heart. One of them is the spirit of 'Bayanihan'. The Bayanihan spirit refers to communal unity, helping others without expecting rewards, to achieve a certain goal. In earlier days, when houses were made of lighter materials such as bamboo and palm leaves, Bayanihan meant helping one's neighbours lift and move their house — literally! The culture at Spryker makes me feel at home because it beautifully embodies the spirit of Bayanihan. There is a strong sense of community in the herd. Sprykees are always willing to extend a helping hand, willing to work together for the common good and more importantly: all coming from kindness and generosity.”

– Nicki Perada, Talent Coordinator

“I am a person who finds joy in simple things like dogs, family, sports and travel. Though I grew up in Toronto, Canada with strong Italian roots, I had the opportunity to relocate to Switzerland. I feel fortunate to have been able to pursue my niche career path within the tech and digital world regardless of where I call home. As I have lived in various places and gained experience in various roles, it is not without cultural mishaps and communication deficiencies. Because of this, I have cultivated a valuable skill set for collaborating effectively with people from all walks of life. This has helped me to think critically about my approaches to selling processes and the buying mindset. Despite the prevalence of AI technology, I continue to believe that the human element to any interaction can be the difference between failure and success.”

– Cristina Aprile, Sales Enablement Manager, Technology Partners





Company Analysis: Harnessing Workforce Diversity and Local Expertise

Talent Acquisition Strategies

Key Takeaway: Workforce diversity and local expertise are fostered by intentional, unbiased hiring practices. By using tools like Greenhouse as our application portal, we ensure a fair and comprehensive review of all candidates. Our global communication of job openings allows us to reach a diverse pool of talent. Importantly, we prioritize skills and demonstrated talent above traditional markers like educational background. This commitment to fairness and objectivity enriches our company analysis, empowering us with diverse insights and approaches to navigate the complexity of global operations.

Talent Development and Retention Programs

Spryker's continuous investment in talent development and retention yields several key learnings:
  • Intercultural Communication Training: This initiative underscores the importance of understanding and appreciating cultural nuances. It enhances our team's ability to collaborate effectively across various cultural contexts, improving our service delivery to diverse regional markets.
  • Leadership Training for Hybrid Diverse Teams: Regular training and coaching equips our leaders with the skills necessary to manage and inspire diverse teams. It emphasizes the value of inclusive leadership in harnessing the unique contributions of each team member.
  • Emphasis on Inclusive Leadership: Our commitment to creating an inclusive environment ensures that diversity of thought is leveraged for innovative problem-solving. It highlights how a diverse and inclusive workforce can effectively address complex, global market demands.
  • Continuous Investment in People: Spryker's consistent focus on talent development demonstrates the company's dedication to its employees. This not only strengthens Spryker's reputation as a desirable employer but also enhances its capacity to serve customers and contribute to their success.
  • Learning Budget owned by Sprykees: By giving employees ownership, Spryker allows individuals to seek out learning opportunities that suit their own preferences and learning style. We are all different and so is our learning process. To provide guidance to those who need it, we offer pre-selected training platforms and providers to choose from.
  • Spaces for collaborative Learning: We create opportunities for shared learning in different ways, digitally and in person. For example by offering informal "Lunch & Learn" sessions or by encouraging round-table groups, we promote our learning culture from within.
  • Spreading internal knowledge: Through various internal trainings, we promote and share our unique expertise. This way, our experts get the visibility they deserve, learn new skills while teaching, and all employees can grow their skills by learning from other Sprykees.

“In today's extremely fast-changing world, the most successful companies will be those whose employees are curious to keep learning and improving. As human beings, we learn best when we feel safe. Learning takes courage because it involves doing something new we haven’t done before in this way. And to feel safe, we need to feel respected and valued for who we really are. That's why learning needs an inclusive environment based on trust so each group member can thrive. My vision and Northstar for Learning & Development at Spryker are: “Every Sprykee feels empowered and has all the resources necessary to grow personally & professionally so that we thrive as individuals and as a company!” 

– Janina Tietje, Learning & Development Manager

Employee Resource Groups and Support Structures

Sprykee Affinity Groups


Leading the way for gender equity in our herd

Women@Spryker is an empowering internal community that has been making significant strides in amplifying female representation within our company and the broader tech industry. This community serves as a catalyst for change by providing a safe and inclusive space for women at Spryker to upskill, connect, and openly discuss their work-related experiences.

Through the dedicated efforts of the Women@Spryker committee and its community, we have successfully increased the visibility of women at Spryker, showcasing their exceptional talents and accomplishments. By organizing impactful workshops, engaging events, and an annual conference, we inspire and uplift women, shining a spotlight on their unique perspectives and invaluable contributions.

Moreover, our community actively advocates for gender diversity and inclusivity, driving awareness and promoting change within Spryker and the industry at large. By showcasing women’s remarkable achievements and expertise, we challenge traditional norms and pave the way for a more balanced representation that authentically reflects the reality and needs of our world.

By fostering an environment that nurtures and celebrates women, we foster innovation and ensure that diverse voices are not only heard but amplified. The impact of our community extends beyond Spryker as we strive to inspire transformative change throughout the tech industry, forging a more inclusive and equitable landscape for all.

Women@Spryker By Numbers

  • Started in May 2021
  • 90+ members
  • 2 large-scale virtual HERd Conferences
  • 15+ internal workshops

Women@Spryker Mission

Our mission is all about visibility – both within our own Spryker herd (colleagues, customers, and partners), and also with the wider tech and e-commerce community. 

  • Training and development: such as leadership development, negotiation skills, and technical training. 
  • Advocacy: building relationships with allies in the company, working to ensure our voices are heard.
  • Community building: we provide a sense of belonging and a safe space for women in the company to network, learn from each other and share experiences.
  • Education and inspiration: we aim to help raise awareness and provide inspiration about diversity, equality, and inclusion in the tech space through our larger-scale events like the HERd Conference. 

We ❤️ Collaboration

We’ve hosted panel speakers from our partner and customer ecosystem, such as: 

Bosch, Siemens Healthineers, Banner Engineering, Accenture, Deloitte, AWS, and HiBob.

How can Partners or Customers get involved with Women@Spryker?

  • Introduce your women in tech affinity groups to us so we can explore cross-collaboration opportunities
  • Offer a panel speaker, workshop host, or inspirational speaker to join us at an event or address the community
  • Invite Women@Spryker to join your events or speak on a panel
  • Organize a co-branded event together
  • Join us in fundraising or charitable initiatives

Recognizing and Rewarding a Diverse Workforce

Equality starts by making sure opportunities are available to all

Key Learning: We recognize and reward innovative thinking, outstanding performance and structured problem solving irrespective of one's role or background. Additionally, we are committed to the equal development of our talent, providing everyone with the tools, training, and opportunities they need to grow. This egalitarian approach strengthens our collective capacity to innovate and adapt and create new opportunities for people.


Learnings for Enhancing Workforce Diversity

1. Develop Targeted Recruitment Strategies

Key Takeaway: In our quest for global talent, understanding the unique needs of the role and the team's composition to ensure success is paramount. Our recruitment process is deliberately designed to hire for talent and skills, not quotas. We recognize that exceptional talent transcends boundaries of background or identity, residing in every facet of human existence. By maintaining an intentional focus on inclusion, we ensure that our hiring practice is more than just a quest for diversity; it is a mission to seek out the best talent to drive our business forward, firmly rooted in the recognition of the universal distribution of potential.

Our Learnings
  • Internal Referral Program: Our internal referral program has opened new doors to undiscovered talent by tapping into the existing diverse networks of our current Sprykees. It has enabled us to reach potential candidates who are already trusted by our employees, ensuring a natural cultural fit and enhancing our talent acquisition efficiency.
  • Local Recruitment Agencies & Networks Collaboration: Partnering with local recruitment agencies and networks has offered us invaluable local market insights. This has helped us understand the unique talent landscape, tailor our recruitment strategies accordingly, and effectively attract top local talent that aligns with our organizational needs.
  • Global Reach through Diverse Recruiting Sources: By diversifying our recruiting sources, and capitalizing on our global reach, we have widened our talent pool significantly. This approach has allowed us to access a broader range of skills, perspectives, and experiences, thereby enriching our talent portfolio and increasing our access to AAA talent worldwide.

2. Implement Inclusive Leadership Development Programs

Key Takeaway: Effective leadership acknowledges and respects individuality, recognizing that diverse preferences and needs require tailored approaches. Leaders must possess a deep understanding of their team members' preferences, motivators, and cultural values to adapt their leadership style accordingly. This adaptability fosters an inclusive environment that values diversity, promotes engagement, and drives collective success.

Our Learnings
  • Leadership Development: Different pieces of training range from change management, inclusive leadership, and intercultural management to personal development for leaders to grow in their own journey, help our teams and culture move and transform in the right direction.
  • Diverse Backgrounds: Leaders at Spryker come from different backgrounds and bring their own experiences to innovate leadership as a trait at Spryker.
  • Leadership Principles: Defining principles and agreeing to lead in a way that ensures that the herd is led to be their best possible selves is a crucial part of our culture.
  • Encourage exchange & collaboration: Leadership can be a collective experience, where people can learn from each other's ideas and act as role models for each other.
  • Diversity Council: We need different voices and perspectives to think about innovative solutions. Providing a safe space for representation, collaboration and psychological safety, has been central to our strategy.
  • Neurodiverse in the Sprykerverse: With inclusive leadership principles and the clear intention to make the most of superpowers in our talent, we win new perspectives and enhance our collaboration skills.

3. Encourage Knowledge Sharing, Collaboration Across Regions and Connection Between People

Key Takeaway: Encouraging knowledge sharing and collaboration across regions is integral to our success. It helps disseminate diverse expertise and insights throughout our organization, fostering an environment of learning and innovation. By connecting our global teams, we break down silos and create a cohesive, informed workforce ready to tackle market-specific challenges. This collaborative ethos enhances our adaptability, leading to more effective digital strategies that cater to diverse regional needs.

Our Learnings
  • External Trainings & Train-The-Trainer Sessions: Keeping up to date with our industry and technology advancements require constant upskilling of our workforce.
  • Champions & Experts : Hiring the best talent allows us to leverage the experience, expertise and knowledge of our people, who regularly share their expertise across the global workforce.
  • Lunch & Learn Sessions: We bring people together in a collective learning experience.
  • Cross-departmental and cross-regional squads: People from different departments work on different projects and topics, most of all, on company OKRs – to multiply the perspectives and gain opportunities to close knowledge gaps and evaluate assumptions.
  • CONNECT: Our yearly Sprykee Gathering and a unique opportunity for Sprykees around the world to come together to celebrate our culture, learn from one another and foster human connection.

4. Continuously Monitor and Assess Workforce Composition and Performance

Key Takeaway: Continuous monitoring and assessment of workforce composition and performance is critical for maintaining our competitive edge in a rapidly evolving global market.

A data-driven approach helps ensure that our workforce remains diverse, inclusive, and high-performing – a vital asset in fostering innovation and driving business growth. Furthermore, it allows us to anticipate future talent needs and be agile in our response to shifting industry demands. By investing in this continuous process, we secure Spryker's future success and sustainability.

5. Measure the right things for YOUR Culture and YOUR workforce

Key Takeaway: Navigating DE&I in a globally represented company requires understanding our unique composition, needs, and expectations. While measuring our inherently diverse composition provides an interesting perspective, the nature of progress lies not merely in representation, but in fostering inclusion and integration.

Our commitment is to reflect the diverse human reality in our workplace, but more importantly, to ensure that each individual feels a sense of belonging and identification with Spryker. Hence, the adoption of measurement frameworks such as BEET, focusing on trust, equity, and happiness, helps capture the essence of our DE&I efforts, shifting the spotlight from diversity metrics to inclusive growth and belonging.

Our Learnings
  • Framework Adoption: While traditional DE&I metrics provide useful insights, it's essential to understand the unique composition, needs, and expectations of your organization. Frameworks should be tailored to capture these nuances and guide progress effectively.
  • Embracing Natural Diversity: Global organizations are inherently diverse, reflecting the global human reality. However, diversity is not just about representation—it's about creating an inclusive environment that promotes a sense of belonging and identity.
  • Our BEET Approach: Belonging, Employee Happiness & Engagement, Equity, and Trust (BEET) are the roots of an inclusive culture, much like a beetroot is the root of a plant. This intentional acronym underscores the idea that these sentiments are deeply embedded in our culture and connection in the workplace. Measuring them helps to ensure an environment where everyone feels valued and safe.
  • Active Inclusivity Measures: In addition to monitoring representation in leadership and decision-making committees, an active role like an Inclusive Culture & Belonging Partner can serve as a supportive pillar, providing a safe space for employees, and ensure an ongoing commitment to an inclusive culture. This combination of emotional and data-driven dimensions fortifies a comprehensive understanding of DE&I progress.

“Our goal is to create a culture of trust and equal opportunities, where every Sprykee feels a strong sense of belonging, empowerment, and well-being. Working together to achieve this goal, ensuring everyone can be happy at work and performing their best as a team is my motivation and the core of my role.”

– Lily Kriegs, Inclusive Culture & Belonging Partner at Spryker



An Invitation to Human-Centric Growth

Human-centric growth places the experiences, needs, and perspectives of people at the core of an organization's growth strategy. It's about ensuring every policy, process, and action benefits and enriches the people it affects – employees, customers, partners, and broader society. This is intrinsically linked with diversity and inclusion, which broaden the array of experiences, needs, and perspectives considered, thereby amplifying human-centric growth.

At Spryker, we have embarked on a journey that highlights the significance of workforce diversity, local expertise, and the importance of digitalization. Our experience has revealed key learnings around embracing diversity for enriched perspectives, promoting an environment of cultural adaptation and inclusion, intentionally using the strength of diversity and local expertise for company analysis, and enhancing our human-centric engagement through strong empathy capabilities.

We want to share our learnings and inspire a blueprint for other organizations. They reflect the importance we see of taking a deep dive into our workforce's compositions and performances, emphasizing the need to continuously monitor, assess, and make necessary adjustments to achieve successful, sustainable strategies and address global digitalization endeavours with a successful setup.

As we embrace this understanding, we invite other organizations to adopt a similar lens. We encourage our business world to embrace diversity, not just for its inherent value, but as an integral aspect of human-centric growth.

We invite you to join us on this path of curiosity. Let's continue growing together, leveraging the power of diverse experiences, local expertise, and the human-centric approach to push the boundaries of what is possible, and create a more inclusive, interconnected, and successful business world.

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